What Is Limnology?

The term limnology stems from Greek words limnos (lake) and logos (study). It is a subdiscipline of ecology that concerns the study of inland waters (both saline and fresh). These waters include lakes, ponds, rivers (both natural and manmade), and estuaries. Limnologists focus on understanding the biological, physical, chemical, and hydrological aspects of these waters. Here are some photos of what we do and some great places we get to work these days...

Juvenile Brown Trout - AEAL

Limnology Photography

Goonch underwater with Zeb Monk fly fishing with Zeb. Science Team on a jet boat in Mongolia Giant Arapaima with diver in the background Giant Barb fish thumbnail Hydroacoustic receiver covered by aquatic weed Juvenile Brown Trout found in Lake Tahoe Lahontan Redside Shiner eggs Christine Ngai Snorkeling in Lake Tahoe Largemouth Bass in Lake Tahoe Looking down into castle lake View of Castle Lake in the fall Castle Lake in the early days of Limnological study Castle Lake in the early days photo 2 Castle Lake in late fall A fistherman over Atitlan Night work on Atitlan Plume from San Francisco Ready to load the boat Rio San Francisco feeding into Atitlan

Limnology Videography