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Classes recommended by Professor S. Chandra:

Analyzing the catch


NRES 484/ 684 Limnology: Study of Inland Waters
This course provides students with an introduction to limnology, the study of inland waters. The goal is to integrate concepts from physics, chemistry, and biology to develop an understanding of aquatic ecosystems. This course was incorporated into the new, NRES Ecohydrology major as a required course in 2008.
GE 484 Groundwater Hydrology
Hydrologic, geologic and other factors controlling groundwater flow, occurrence, development, chemistry and contamination. Elementary groundwater flow theory. Interactions between surface-subsurface hydrologic systems.
BIOL 420 Aquatic Ecology
Biological, chemical, and physical characteristics of aquatic environments with particular emphasis on ecological processes.
NRES 295 Principles of Ecohydrology
Principles and methods of ecohydrology including ecosystem analysis, water cycling, water availability and the importance of water in sustaining ecosystems.
NRES 414 Hydrologic Fluid Dynamics
Physical principles governing natural flows in the land phase of the hydrologic cycle: open channel and saturated/unsaturated porous media flow. Erosion and sediment transport.
NRES 482 Small Watershed Hydrology
Approaches for dealing with problems of applied hydrology with emphasis on the small watershed, limited data, and land management.
NRES 485 Special Topics-Limnology Lab
Presentation and review of recent research, innovations and developments related to natural resources management, hydrology, conservation biology, and environmental chemistry.
CEE 364R Engineering Hydrology
Fundamental principles of hydrology for engineers. Quantitative hydrology; prediction of runoff; ground water flow; hydrologic applications in urban settings; design and analysis of storm water systems.
CEE 404 Open channel Flow
Apply fundamental principles of fluid mechanics to analyze and design open channels used for water supply, irrigation, flood control, and storm water management systems.
CEE 418 Principles of Water Quality Modeling
Development of equations to model reactions, speciation and movement of pollutant in natural waters. Applications of equations to contaminants in streams, lakes, rivers and groundwater.