Castle Lake Data Portal

Castle Lake Research Station is pleased to offer scholars access to raw data sets collected at the station.

Castle Lake data are categorized into groups based the variables presented in the Castle Lake Conceptual Model below. Select a specific category to access related data. Once selected, additional options are available to search for specific dataset.

Castle Lake Conceptual model_simplified Link to foodweb linkages data Link to Production data Link to Lake Physical Quality Data Link to climate variables

All uses of this data should reference Castle Lake Environmental Research and Education Program. YEAR DATA IS RETRIEVED. University of Nevada at Reno. S. Chandra., 775-354-4849 as the source of the data and acknowledge that the Castle Lake Research Station bears no responsibility for interpretations presented or conclusions drawn based on analysis of the data.

We are interested in learning about how scholars use our data. If you publish something based on our data, please let us know by email.

Links to non-Castle Lake Research Station web sites do not imply any official endorsement of the opinions or ideas expressed therein, or guarantee the validity of the information provided.