Truckee Watershed & Truckee Area Invasive Species

Scanning for invasive species in Donner Lake

Monitoring and tracking invasive species in lakes in the Truckee Region

The objective of this project is to identify water bodies within the Truckee River region (Donner Lake, Stampede Lake, Boca Reservoir, Prosser Reservoir, Marlette Lake, Martis Creek Lake, Rye Patch Reservoir, Spooner Lake, Lahotan Reservoir) that have already established invasive invertebrate and plant communities, and to identify and document recent invasions. Additionally, we plan to test the hypothesis that bivalve invasion is dependent not only on calcium concentration in the water column but on the concentration of calcium in sediment pore-water. This is year two of the project and builds upon data collected in 2010 (Rammer and Chandra 2010). Specifically, our goals were to:

  1. Use the method developed by Rammer and Chandra (2010) to continue shoreline surveys for invasive invertebrates (Dreissenid mussels, New Zealand mudsnail, Asian clam, and crayfish) and invasive plant (Hydrilla and Eurasian water milfoil) species.
  2. Sample lakes for the DNA of dreissenid mussel veligers to document invasions using zooplankton net hauls.
  3. Quantify the concentration of calcium in the eplimentic waters of each lakes.
  4. Collect sediment pore-water from locations around Donner Lake to determine if the spread of Asian clams are influenced by this variable.

To date, the invasive species documented include crayfish, Eurasian water milfoil, and Asian clams. Since the project began in 2009 there have been no new aquatic invasive species documented in these lakes. This is likely a result of successful education outreach programs and boat inspections by local and state governments.

Truckee Watershed Research in Action:

Histogram of invasive species in the Truckee Region Visual inspection for invasive species on Donner Lake

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