Lake Tahoe Research

Analysis of Lake Tahoes ecological sustainability and ecology

Diving in lake tahoe

Newly-discovered life history characteristics of the endemic deepwater stonefly Capnia lacustra in Lake Tahoe

Find out more about the unique Stonefly:Tahoe's unique stonefly.

Nearshore Indicators for Clarity, Habitat and Ecological Sustainsbility in Lake Tahoe

A contemporary assessment of Lake Tahoe’s nearshore fishery for developing indicators to detect short and long-term ecological changes in Lake Tahoe. Find out more on the NICHES page.

Tahoe Non-Native Warmwater Fish Ecology and Management

Ecology and management of nonnative warmwater fish (e.g. Largemouth Bass and Bluegill) in the Lake Tahoe Basin. Find out more on the Non-Native Fish Ecology page.