Aquatic Ecosystems Laboratory at the University of Nevada, Reno

The Aquatic Ecosystems Analysis laboratory conducts limnological studies related to the restoration or conservation of aquatic ecosystems. We recognize that science is critical in developing long-term and sustainable public policy. We work closely with local, state, federal, tribal, and non-profit organizations to assist them in creating management strategies for their projects. These projects include the recovery of native species, management of invasive species, understanding the impacts of land use change (mining, urbanization, etc) and eutrophication on aquatic ecosystem health. We also assist in the development of natural resource management and conservation plans for the largest, freshwater fishes of the world.

Aquatic Ecosystems Analysis Lab - About Us

Our Projects

We are committed to working on projects that assist agencies & nongovernmental organizations in conserving and restoring aquatic ecosystems or improving basic knowledge in the field of limnology. Many of our projects focus on local, regional, or international issues.

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The Aquatic Ecosystems Laboratory is located on the main campus of the University of Nevada-Reno in the Department of Biology. Come talk to us about limnology or whatever aquatic is on your mind!

Classes for Fall Semester 2014:

NRES 484/684 Limnology: Study of Inland Waters

This course provides students with an introduction to limnology, the study of inland waters. The goal is to integrate concepts from physics, chemistry, and biology to develop an understanding of aquatic ecosystems. This course was incorporated into the new, NRES Ecohydrology major as a required course in 2008.